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Many people have written about the Spanish ancestry of the Kiger Mustangs.
They are believed to be related to the horses brought over by the
Conquistadors and Spanish colonists.

But that's only half the story.  What has shaped them into the Kigers of
today is the land itself.

The mustangers couldn't gather horses from Beatty's Butte, in a remote area
of southeastern Oregon, because the terrain was just too rough. When helicopters became
available in the 1970s the BLM was able to push the horses out to where they
could be caught for the first time. That's when the Kigers were discovered.

The BLM knew they had something very special. The Kigers were placed in two
areas of Steens Mountain where they had access to better feed and were
easier to gather. Both Beatty's Butte and Steens Mountain are full of
canyons and little creeks. No one can visit these areas without being amazed
at the ability of these horses to not only survive but to thrive in this
rugged and beautiful country. It has shaped the Kigers to be as rugged and
beautiful as the land itself. To honor the country that gave us the Kiger
Mustang, we have named our ranch Canyon Creek Kigers.
Our stallion, geldings and colts are registered with names ending in Canyon,
the mares' and fillies' names end with Creek.

These horses are incredibly beautiful, with rock-hard feet and legs. We
breed for good minds and conformation first, and the beauty inevitably
follows. Our horses are tall for Kigers and athletic, with the kind of
personality that makes them a life-long partner and friend.

Our Kigers are chosen for their conformation, personality and athletic ability.
What an eye-catching herd of horses they are!

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We have a few foals for
sale each year.  Please contact us for more information.

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Woodinville, Washington

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